Physical Education

Key Information

Examination Board Edexcel
Syllabus Code  2PE01
Entry Requirements


  • You will learn to:
    • Develop your knowledge and practical skills in a range of physical activities.
    • Examine the effects of exercise and how training can improve performance.
    • Find ways to improve your own performance in a variety of roles.
    • Identify ways to develop and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle through participation in physical activity.
    • Appreciate the benefits of promoting “sport for all”

Course Content

  • Unit 1(Examination)
    • [Section 1.1] Healthy, active lifestyles (5 topics
    • [Section 1.2] Your healthy, active body (5 topics)
  • Unit 2 (Controlled assessment)
    • [Section 2.1] Activities as leader, official or player (4 activities)
    • [Section 2.2] AoP (Analysis of Performance) and PEP (Personal Exercise Programme)


Unit 1 (Examination) is externally assessed through a written examination paper of 1 hour and 30 minutes. This will contribute a maximum of 40% towards your total marks.

Unit 2 (Controlled assessment) is assessed in two sections.

  • Section 2.1 is four practical performances in the role of either a player/participant, leader or official. You can achieve 48% of the marks from your four performances, two of which may be in the role of a leader or official.
  • Section 2.2 is an AoP (Analysis of Performance) in one of the chosen activities. This will be worth 12% of the marks and should include planning, performing and evaluating a PEP (Personal Exercise Programme)

Careers and Progression

As well as being ideal preparation for the A-Level Physical Education course, GCSE Physical Education allows for progression to related vocational qualifications, such as BTEC Firsts and Nationals in Sport or Sport and Exercise Sciences. The course develops the transferable skills and key skills that employers are looking for and can lead to a wide variety of employment opportunities. This can include further training in areas such as recreational management, leisure activities, coaching, officiating, the fitness industry, the armed forces and the civil service.

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