Welcome from the Head of Key Stage 4!

Welcome to the Y9 Options Microsite


Your choices for Key Stage 4 are important. Choosing the right options opens doors to opportunities, not only at ISS, but in the wider world beyond. These decisions mark the start of a chain of life choices: possible KS5 options, where to study at university, and what career path to follow!

I realise this process isn’t easy; you won’t be able to take every subject you studied in Y9 through to Y10 and 11, but we’ve tried to give you a large range of choices to help you create an exciting and interesting curriculum. Remember that you can seek guidance and support with these decisions from your  parents, subject teachers and form tutors. We hope that with the additional help of this website and the information

delivered at the KS4 Options Evening, you can make the right choices for yourselves and your futures.

Your Y10 timetable will be based around core subjects: English, maths, science and PSD, and a number of optional subjects in the arts, humanities and languages. At IGCSE, you will be both challenged and supported, engaged and inspired. You will graduate from Y11 with a range of skills and qualifications to prepare you for a modern, global community.

I look forward to seeing you next year!

Ms. Gordon, Head of Key Stage 4