English Literature

Key Information

Examination Board Cambridge International Examinations
Syllabus Code  0486


IGCSE Literature offers learners the opportunity to read, interpret, evaluate and respond to a range of literature in English.  The course will stimulate students to read for pleasure, to explore wider and universal issues, promoting a better understanding of themselves and the world.

Course Content

At the start of Key Stage 4 all students will begin the two year IGCSE English Literature course which comprises three genres: poetry, prose and drama.  In Year 10 the students cover the poetry and drama aspects of the course. The poetry selection will be from the Cambridge anthology Songs of Ourselves and the drama text will be Shakespeare’s Macbeth.  In Year 11 the students study the prose component of the course which will be a selection of short stories from the Cambridge anthology Stories of Ourselves and prepare for the Unseen Paper by honing their independent analytic skills.


The IGCSE is assessed through three exams. Paper 1 is an hour and a half exam which assesses the poetry and prose component of the course. This paper is now a closed book paper which requires the students to commit quotations from the novel to memory in order to substantiate their ideas and opinions of the text.  Paper 3 is an open book 45 minute exam on the drama text.  There is also an Unseen Paper, Paper 4, which requires students to be able to write a critical appreciation of a piece of literature new to them.

Careers and Progression

English Literature is an important qualification for all careers and courses.

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